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You’re likely visiting here for 1 of 3 reasons: photography, oils or adoption.

And while those are incredible things in my life that I’m grateful for in every way, I love being able to describe myself in a few other ways.

First…here’s me + the hubs in the Bahamas a couple years ago.

I’m a storyteller.
My awareness of what goes on around me is far more than I even realized in the first 25ish years or so of my life. It was until these last few years that I’ve allowed myself to be raw + vulnerable with others, and as a result, I’ve found that I view the world differently than anyone else. I am uniquely me. My photography plays a huge role in this storyteller, but it’s my love of writing that sends those images above + beyond. It’s the combination that allows me to express what the Lord is doing in my life – the good and the bad. And that leads me to this next part…

I’m a Christ – follower.
After living my high school + college years in deep conviction for the life I was living, my now-husband and I were able to go on a mission trip together to New Orleans. It was there that my walk with the Lord changed, and I realized a life worth living is only done so in complete worship of Him. These days, I often fall. I often get too busy for Bible study or too distracted for prayer. But my favorite part of Jesus (can there be a favorite part?) is that He loves me just as I am – flaws, missteps and all.

I’m a wifey of almost 9 years.
Before we married, I remember other couples talking about being married for 8 years. I didn’t understand why they made such a big deal about it. “It’s only 9 years…not 25 or 50!” I thought. Then the first year of marriage passed and as FUN as it was, it clicked. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. It is not the guarded person or the person who thinks they’re already perfect. Oh no…marriage has brought out the best and the worst in me, and there is no one I’d rather do this with than Brett Whitmore.

I’m a mama of almost-twins.
My girls are 9 months apart, and we were blessed with them through biological means + through adoption. We are crazy-obsessed with them both, and with our youngest daughter’s birthmom. We are all about some open adoption! We also share the ups + downs of this crazy parenting life via Instagram. (@katewhitmore)

I’m a *retired* lifestyle photographer.
That word. Retired. 30 years old and retired.
Know why?….

Because I’m a Happy Oiler.
Essential oils have been such a gift to our family. In a way I never could’ve seen coming. We loved the oils so much from the start that I quickly realized I wanted to get them into homes everywhere. I believe making a difference for others and loving others comes in several different forms, and the Lord clearly called me to oils for doing just that. I lead + love an incredible team of families and am grateful for the way THEY encourage ME daily.

You can learn more about the Wellness side o’ things here + the biz side o’ things here.

More about me:

  • I cry watching Dancing with the Stars.
  • I watch How I Met Your Mother + The Office on repeat.
  • I am known for #bringingmessyback. (@katewhitmore)
  • I’m actually a mama of three as we lost one baby in May 2014 due to an ectopic pregnancy.
  • My choice of books is…non-existent. Maybe one day I’ll have time for books again.
  • Weightlifting is kinda my jam. Cardio is hardio.
  • Most people know me for my love of Disney World, Target + Justin Timberlake.
  • I could eat pizza every. dang. day. I don’t…but I could.

I’d love for you to say hey in my little contact form up top!