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In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is officially wearethewhitmores.com instead of katewhitmore.com. Pretty fun, right? That change is also the reason the site has been down for a few weeks, but I am happy to say that everything is back up and running properly. In celebration, a new post! For those who always wonder how mini-sessions work, this is it. Even with three kiddos, you can have lots of great images within a very short time span…the key? Just be prepared. The Collins’ were ready to go for this session so when they jumped out of their car, we could dive right into the best light ever! (I mean, really, Smyrna? Thanks for this!) And if I dare say so, I personally believe super short sessions (or really long ones to work in time to play, not shoot) are better for kiddos. The photographer typically only gets about 15-25 minutes of their attention anyway so this mini-session allowed us to take FULL advantage of it! Seriously….20 minutes here, you guys.  And look how precious they are! Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1001 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1002
Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1004 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1005 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1006 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1007 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1008 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1009 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1010 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1011 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1012 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1013 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1014 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1015 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1016 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1017 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1018 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1019 Collins-Smyrna-Tennessee-Travis-Ryan-Lifepoint-Church-Family-1020

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It’s  been awhile since Brett and I had a serious honest-to-goodness competitive 24 Day Challenge.  The last couple of times we’ve done it, we’ve done it different months (not easy!) so this time, we’ve got our game faces on. Our bodies are in dire need of a good scrub, especially before the holidays start, and we’re excited to get another boost of energy.  Just for fun tonight, we took some pictures outside to help invite our friends to join us.  We already have quite the crew of current distributors starting with us next week so we figured we would open it up to our other friends who have been wanting to start and want lots of accountability!  We spent a good 25 minutes outside working on these images (dedication right there, y’all!) so we, of course, ended up with some “outtakes.” Enjoy!

28.AdvoCare-1003 28.AdvoCare-1004 28.AdvoCare-1005 28.AdvoCare-1006 28.AdvoCare-1007 28.AdvoCare-1008


Five years ago today, Brett Whitmore and I packed our belongings, left the first home we lived in together, and started a new adventure to a city we had never heard of.  “Adventure” is the right words for that, huh? It seemed like we, in our flesh, were going blindly – for a job and income. But we knew that we were not actually going blindly. We knew the Lord had plans for us in this, and we were just saying “Yes.”

However, for the first few months, it didn’t feel that way.  It didn’t feel like there was a plan at all, and we immediately started dreaming of the day we could move back to Tennessee.  I remember driving in my car one day and the way that it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was on the highway between exit 10 and 12 in Columbus. “Why are we in Columbus? What is the point? What is meant to happen here? What is the purpose? What is our purpose?”  Those thoughts and those prayers were really just a big part of me, a big part of my heart that was opening, a desire He had placed there that I was starting to uncover.

I don’t even know how to start a post, write a post or finish a post in regards to purpose. It is something big that has been laid on my heart. Even more so, it’s been laid on my heart to help others find their purpose, uncover their dreams, run after their goals.  Did you know they are there?  They are hiding deep within the recesses of your heart. You have a purpose. Quit thinking it has to be something insanely huge and world-changing. World change doesn’t happen through one person and one instance (unless you’re Jesus, in which case, this is irrelevant).  It happens in the dreams you have – big or small or maybe the parts of your personality you may often ignore. We see an example of this in the life of Nehemiah who is called to rebuild a wall – a freaking WALL – in his hometown. Surely that can’t mean a thing, right? There can be no purpose in a wall being built.  But then man named Shallum is introduced in one single verse.  The ladies at She Reads Truth tell this much better than I can…

“Can I tell you a little secret about one of these builders that may shed some light for us? Did you notice Shallum, in verse 15? He’s just one of the dozens listed, but he repaired the wall of the Pool of Shelah. No biggie, right? Well, it is actually a huge deal. It’s one man, sacrificing his time and effort to rebuild his community because of the larger vision at stake. But there’s more to the story there.

In John 9, they’re calling this pool “Siloam,” but don’t be confused – it’s the very same one. This time, we’re there hundreds of years later with Jesus – as He heals a blind man, declaring His divinity in miracle form. Then in Acts 3, in the very same place, Peter heals a man who has never walked. THIS is an important place, right?” [Nehemiah study: day 4]

Shallum was mentioned in one single verse building this one piece of a wall…and many years later it was used to declare Christ’s divinity.  AYKM with this?! That is incredible.  What a wakeup call for us! We need to stop considering our lives unworthy and understand that the “little things” He is asking of us are not little things at all.




What are those for you today? What are you hiding in your heart? What have you stuffed in a box? Who are you?

Write it down. Journal the mess out of that. Let Him do the work in you, and grow whatever it is that’s in your heart.


When a fellow photographer friend first told me about the sunflower field, I thought it would be a great location for the Howards session since it was right around the corner. I also thought it would be “no big deal.” Just a new, different location. And then I rolled up to it out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s possible that my mouth dropped open.  To then see what they looked like in pictures? Staaaahhhhppp!;)Incredible, right?

If you’ve been following my work for awhile, you’ve seen these faces before. Amy + I have been friends since college so naturally Wes was forced to like me.:)I absolutely love spending time with them every single time we are able to adjust our schedules and get together…even if it’s only 20 minutes on the side of a road in the middle of Tennessee. (By the way…I thought adulthood would give me MORE time to see people…lies. All lies. Luckily life is so good, we all just roll with it!)

Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1001 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1002 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1003 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1004 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1005 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1006 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1007 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1008 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1009 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1010 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1011 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1012 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1013 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1014 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1015 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1016 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1017 Family-Fun-Photography-Southern-Lascasses-Sunflower-1018

Yes, that says February 2014. I’m a little behind here, aren’t I? Though I’m happy to say that living life has kept me from sitting at my computer + blogging.:)I couldn’t stand it any longer, though. You’ll see what I mean when you see how cute these three are. So cute, in fact, that I took enough pictures worth 3 or 4 blog posts. If you’ve been around these parts before, you have seen the video of Olive’s birth, and you have seen the joy when Tera + Wes found out she is a she.  And now here’s her little self at 6 months.


Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1001 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1002 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1003 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1004 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1005 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1006 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1007 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1008 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1009 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1010 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1011 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1012 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1013 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1014 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1015 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1016 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1017 Fun-Family-Photographer-Florence-Alabama-South-1018